Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More blocks and sand.

I have been hauling blocks and sand in the car for the last month because of the rain and the problems I had last time I had stuff delivered. It made progress even slower than this old man's slow pace. We had a break in the weather last week and after 3 days of no rain I decided to give it a shot and have 300 blocks and 2 yards of sand delivered. It rained all day on delivery day, so I had to dump the blocks and sand in the driveway about 50 feet from the front gate. We have plenty of space to have stuff delivered but our quarter mile frontage is right on the Panamerican Highway and it won't stay there long.

Digger likes to play in the rain but when night comes she gets a little cold.
I've got like 3 blankets on the bed, I don't know how she manages to just get under the top one.

I haven't been giving the cat her due lately, so I better give her credit for her efforts.
She keeps an eye on things.
Does the incoming materials inspections.
And she handles safety inspections of tools and equipment.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another week - block work for a while.

Last week Barb had the camera to take pictures of the stuff going on in Cuenca, so I couldn't take any pictures of all the progress Digger and I have made in La Paz. This week we got the camera back and I have no pictures because we really aren't making much progress.

At this point all the footers are in along with the electrical conduit so it is all block work until we reach the roofline. 200 blocks in and 500 to go, pretty boring stuff.

There are some other issues that need to be addressed now to insure a smooth transition for Barb and her chickens this coming May. As far as I know Barb will be running about 60 birds through her brooder operation every 16 weeks, she hasn't commited to a feed ration yet but somebody needs to be planting some corn, wheat and barley pretty soon. She will need a good ton and a half of feed per year. I have an acre and a half of fescue established, which will make a good filler for her feed. I figure a half acre of corn and a quarter acre of wheat and barley or milo. I haven't told her yet but she is going to have to mill this stuff, I am sure she wants to anyway, adjusting feed rations has got to be part of her research.
Digger has a new blanket with pictures of big cats on it, she spends more time under it than on it. It does get a little cool in La Paz at night.